[Corpora-List] large searchable corpora of Russian?

Sebastian Nagel wastl at cis.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Sep 27 14:38:00 CEST 2005

Roger Levy wrote:

> I've been looking recently for online corpora of modern Russian. Both

> syntactically annotated corpora (of any size) and large unannotated

> corpora would be of interest.


Last year in october has been a thread of this topic in this list.
Here is an excerpt, have a look in the archives for details:

Special thanks to
Philip Resnik (USA) for 2Gbyte url list of Russian sites
Jonathan Young (USA) for good collection at http://www.wordtheque.com,
Roman Yangarber (USA) for link to more than 3Gbyte Moshkov library at
Viktor Zaharov (Russia) for link to the special search engine in Moshkov
library http://www.aot.ru/search1.html,
Stefan Bordag for the idea to buy some special CDs in Russia (This
method works!),


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