[Corpora-List] synt.tagger for french

Eckhard Bick eckhard.bick at mail.dk
Tue Sep 27 09:25:01 CEST 2005

There's a syntactic on-line tagger & parser for French (FrAG) at
http://beta.visl.sdu.dk (French -> Machine Analysis), both in
CG-dependency format (word based syntax tags) and constituent tree
format (with VISL-style non-terminals and bracketing), built on top of
Schmid's and Stein's decision tree tagger. Among other things, it's been
used to parse a large part of the French Europarl
(http://corp.hum.sdu.dk). You can use it on-line, or send a .txt file
for analysis (Upload Interface). We have some format filters for the
output, too (mentioned at http://beta.visl.sdu.dk/treebanks.html).

Best regards,
Eckhard Bick

Yann Girard wrote:

> Hi ,

> I was wondering wether someone could recommend me a syntactic tagger

> for french

> Thanks in advance for any answer


Eckhard Bick,
cand.med., dr.phil.
University of Southern Denmark
e-mail: eckhard.bick at mail.dk
web: http://beta.visl.sdu.dk

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