[Corpora-List] Expert on use of spoken language corpora wanted.

Fodor, Janet Dean JFodor at gc.cuny.edu
Sat Sep 10 21:38:00 CEST 2005


Expert on use of spoken language corpora wanted.

At the next meeting of the CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing
(March 2006, in New York) the theme will be "Speech Input, Speech
Output" - meaning input and output in experimental studies of
sentence-level language processing.

We would like to have a presentation on uses of spoken language corpora
(such as the speech component of the British National Corpus) in
research on human sentence comprehension and/or production. Ideally, the
speaker would be someone who could present actual examples of research
projects which have made use of speech corpus data.

We would be grateful for help in finding such a person. Please nominate
yourself if appropriate, or someone else that you can recommend, to
Janet Fodor jfodor at gc.cuny.edu. Thank you.

Janet Dean Fodor
Professor, Ph.D. Program in Linguistics,
Graduate Center, City University of New York,
365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016
jfodor at gc.cuny.edu Tel: 212-817-8502

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