[Corpora-List] automatic definition construction/retrieval

Antoinette Renouf Antoinette.Renouf at uce.ac.uk
Sat Sep 3 16:34:01 CEST 2005

At 14:28 02/09/2005, Yannick Versley wrote:

> > I wonder if anybody could provide me with some advice related to tools

> > or references related to the:

> >

> > 1) automatic construction of dictionary-like definitions of terms

> > extracted automatically from free text articles, or alternatively

> > 2) the retrieval of sentences which are likely to describe definitions

> > of terms within documents would also be appreciated.

see also:

Barnbrook,G. (2002) Defining Language: a local grammar of definition sentences

Studies in Corpus Linguistics 11, John Benjamins Publishing Company

Barnbrook, G. and J. Sinclair (1995). ‘Parsing Cobuild Entries’. In J. Sinclair, M. Hoelter and C. Peters (eds). The Languages of Definition: The Formalisms of Dictionary Definitions for Natural Language Processing. Studies in Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing Vol. 7. Luxembourg: Office for Publications of the EC.


Antoinette Renouf

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