[Corpora-List] automatic definition construction/retrieval

Nina Wacholder nina at scils.rutgers.edu
Fri Sep 2 16:17:00 CEST 2005

Judith Klavans has done a lot of work on this problem.

Muresan, Smaranda, Samuel D. Popper, Peter T. Davis, Judith L. Klavans
(2003). “Building a Terminological Database from Heterogeneous
Definitional Sources”. /Proceedings of the National Conference on
Digital Government Research/. Boston, Massachusetts.

Klavans, Judith L., Peter T. Davis and Samuel Popper (2002). “Building
Large Ontologies using Web Crawling and Glossary Analysis Techniques”.
/Proceedings of the National Conference for Digital Government
Research/. Los Angeles, California.

Muresan, Smaranda, and Judith L. Klavans (2002). “A Method for
Automatically Building and Evaluating Dictionary Resources”.
/Proceedings of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference/ (LREC
2002). Las Palmas, Spain.

Klavans, Judith L. and Smaranda Muresan (2001a) "Evaluation of DEFINDER:
A System to Mine Definitions from Consumer-oriented Medical Text", in
Proceedings of the First ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital
Libraries (JCDL). Roanoke, Virginia, pp. 201-203.

Klavans, Judith L. and Smaranda Muresan (forthcoming 2001b) "Evaluation
of the DEFINDER System for Fully Automatic Glossary Construction", in
Proceedings of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
Symposium. Washington, D.C.

Martin Krallinger wrote:

> Dear all,


> I wonder if anybody could provide me with some advice related to tools

> or references related to the:


> 1) automatic construction of dictionary-like definitions of terms

> extracted automatically from free text articles, or alternatively


> 2) the retrieval of sentences which are likely to describe definitions

> of terms within documents would also be appreciated.


> For instance a domain specific example could be :

> [HpaB] : HpaB is a protein which promotes the secretion of a large set

> of effector proteins and prevents the delivery of non-effectors into

> the plant cell.


> I am actually aware of the following reference:


> @Article{ Riloff:1993,

> author = {Riloff,E.},

> title = {{Automatically Constructing a Dictionary for Information

> Extraction Tasks.}},

> journal = { Proceedings of the Eleventh National Conference on

> Artificial Intelligence.},

> pages = {811--816},

> year = {1993},

> }



> Thanks for any advice and best regards,



> Martin Krallinger


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