[Corpora-List] Chinese POS tagger and syntactic parser.

Huihsin Tseng huihsintseng at gmail.com
Tue May 31 10:31:02 CEST 2005

Have you tried these two?
Bikel's parser can parse Chinese, English, Korean, and Arabic. See:
Roger Levy also has a Chinese parser based on Dan Klein's parser. See:
They are written in java.
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Dear list memebers, I'm a research student at UNSW (university of
New South Wales, Australia) doing research on NLP, (WSD)word sense
disambiguation in particular. Recently, I'm attempting to utilize the
information provided by bilingual approaches (such as machine translation)
back on WSD in English. For that reason, I'm trying to set up the
environment for machine translation between English and Chinses. But I
found it quite cumbersome to set up such an environment under Linux,
should I just switch to Windows? I also tried a couple of Chinese POS
taggers and parsers, some are ok, but apparently I am expecting something
better. Could anyone kindly suggest me with some top Chinses POS taggers
and syntactic parsers? I'm also looking forward to exchanging ideas and
knowledge with anyone who's interested in similar topic. Thanks very much.


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