[Corpora-List] Query on the use of Google for corpus research

Mark P. Line mark at polymathix.com
Mon May 30 16:50:01 CEST 2005

TadPiotr said:


> There is something deeply wrong...

> I had a look at the references in the paper, and you cannot say they did

> not refer to linguistic literature (or what they take to be linguistic

> literature): there is a reference to a note on corpora in The Economist.

> Did I say something seems to be wrong?

Well, of course. Linguistics has done a poor public relations job in
general, and a poor job of getting (real) linguistics into the general
curricula in particular.

Outside the ivory tower, a "linguist" is somebody who speaks a foreign
language, and there's no perceived need for a "science" of language
because language is thought to be a phenomenon that is utterly transparent
to everybody.

-- Mark

Mark P. Line
San Antonio, TX

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