[Corpora-List] A silly question about programming with Chinese Characters.

Xiao, Zhonghua z.xiao at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon May 30 15:52:01 CEST 2005

Windows XP is Unicode-based and can be configured to process Chinese by following the steps described below:

1) Logon as a member of the Administrator group
2) Go to Control Panel - Date, Time, Language and Regional Options
3) Select Regional and Language Options
4) Click on the Languages tab
5) If you have not done so yet, check the selection box preceding Install files for East Asian language and select Chinese of the type you need (simplified for PRC Chinese and traditional for Taiwanese Chinese; you may need the Windows installation CD in this process if the installation files were not copied to your local drive when your Windows system was installed)
6) After installing Chinese and (and restarting), click on Details to install Chinese IME
7) If you like, you can also select the Advanced tab to configure the default non-Unicode system language as Chinese so that the language in menus in programs written in Chinese can be displayed correctly

When the Windows is configured in this way, your system works just like the Chinese version of Windows.

Hoping the above is helpful.

Richard Xiao


From: owner-corpora at lists.uib.no on behalf of Yuanyong Wang
Sent: Mon 30/05/2005 12:51
Subject: [Corpora-List] A silly question about programming with Chinese Characters.

Dear list memebers, my last question received several valuable
responses. Now I have a very simple question: how can I program with
Chinese? Suppose I use Windows XP as the environment and very likely with
Java as the main programing language. I still don't know
what editors I can use to process Chinese. And if possible could anyone
kindly point me to some documentation about programming with Chinese.
Thanks very much.


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