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There is something called Moby word lists

Moby Words

354,984 single words

Over 354,000 single words, excluding proper names, acronyms, or compound
words and phrases. This list does not exclude archaic words or significant
variant spellings.

256,772 compound words

Over 256,700 hyphenated or other entries containing more than one word as
well as all capitalized words and acronyms. Phrases were considered 'common'
if they or variations of them occur in standard dictionaries or thesauruses.



I am not quite sure about the quality.

Best wishes

Professor Tadeusz Piotrowski

English Department

Opole University




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I am making this inquiry to the list on behalf of a colleague who asks:


I'm looking for a reasonably comprehensive list of English compound words,
whether spelled as two words, hyphenated, or spelled as one word. Has anyone
compiled such a list, or does anyone know of corpora from which such a list
might be straightforwardly extracted?

Dr. Robert Kirchner, Linguistics Dept.
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John Newman,
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