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Tue May 17 10:19:00 CEST 2005


How was what your translator friend was asking for different to the
"translation memories" which are available now?

-Rob Freeman

On Monday 16 May 2005 22:39, Ken Litkowski wrote:

> Several years ago, I had several discussions with a translator who

> wanted to be able to identify "phrases" in the source text. He was

> unhappy with terminology and segment-based translation aids. But, he

> went beyond collocations as they have been discussed in the linguistic

> literature to phrases such as "One of the lessons learnt is". He felt

> that in his translating, he frequently stock phrases that he wanted to

> translate the same way, but he had no mechanism for keeping track of

> them, particularly when the phrase was not exact, but rather included

> some variable positions. His idea was that there would be a dictionary

> of these types of phrases (which would include terminological phrases,

> collocations, and whole text segments), where some sort of engine

> (perhaps in Word) would identify and highlight all instances that could

> be handled, leaving only those passages still remaining to be translated.


> Ken


> TadPiotr wrote:

> > Let me even generalize it a bit: the real problem in translation is with

> > collocations, to which compounds belong. Dictionaries -- and databases --

> > of technical terms focus on lexicalized items, but not on the gray area

> > of collocations. There are very few dictionaries of technical

> > collocations. And that is one of the reasons why translations of

> > technical texts are so "unnatural".

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