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Two-years Master in Computational Linguistics (Courses available only in French)

Faculties of Letters and of Languages et Applied Human Sciences

University Marc Bloch of Strasbourg (France)


Web adress: http://www-umb.u-strasbg.fr/masterlinginfo.html (in French only)


The Faculties of Letters and of Languages et Applied Human Sciences at Marc
Bloch University of
Strasbourg (France) propose a new research master, forming specialists in the
Human Language Technology field.

Graduate students from Letters, Linguistics or Computer Science could attend the
courses focused on theoretical and
practical Natural Language Processing (NLP) issues. The courses provide a solid
background in general Linguistics, as well as in
Computer Science aspects related to NLP:
- General linguistics : phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics;
- NLP applications: lexicography, lexicology, terminology, phraseology;
- Computer Science : data structures, system architecture, programming, software
engineering, databases, HTML, XML;
- NLP theories and tools.

The master runs from early October to end of May and consists of three terms of
lectures and practicals followed by a four month project. The final degree is
awarded on the basis of coursework, examination and project.
The teaching and working language is French.

Our future students might complete their Ph.D. in one of the Research
laboratories ("Linguistics, Language and Speech" (EA1339) at University Marc
Bloch of Strasbourg or at LICIA at Institut National de Sciences Appliquées de
Strasbourg) or they might work for
high-tech start-ups and industrial research laboratories.

The registration file could be found http://www-umb.u-strasbg.fr/ (only in
French). Closing date: the 15th June 2005.
(click on the "ZOOM" area, and select the item "Demandes d'admission en master
2005-06: Clôture le 15 juin 2005").

· Responsible: Amalia Todirascu (todiras at umb.u-strasbg.fr)
· Registration: Geneviève Hekpazo (Genevieve.Hekpazo at umb.u-strasbg.fr)

Mail Address
Amalia Todirascu
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg
22, rue Rene Descartes
67084 Strasbourg cedex

Tél. +(33)388417429
E-mail: Amalia.Todirascu at umb.u-strasbg.fr

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