[Corpora-List] Constitution

Bart Defrancq Bart.Defrancq at UGent.be
Sun May 15 01:16:01 CEST 2005

Thank you Jean for these comments,

- if I'm well informed, the Commission's SdT is not to blame for the
translation of the Constitution. Most of the work was done by the
Council's SdT. Unfortunately, there were no official translators for the
languages of the 10 candidate Member States (work on the Constitution
was done before the accession) and the translations were contracted out.
The result pleads very much against the "dismantling of translation
bureaucracies", I'd say.
- the Académie française fiddled with the French (original) version even
after the text (one has to say texts) was officially approved by the
European Council. Some of the differences between versions may have come
from that.

Bart Defrancq
Ghent University

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