[Corpora-List] portuguese parser

Eckhard Bick eckhard.bick at mail.dk
Fri May 13 10:39:01 CEST 2005


We have an internet based tagger/parser (PALAVRAS) at http://visl.sdu.dk
and http://beta.visl.sdu.dk, where you can upload and analyse your
corpus files. Historical texts can create some problems though, where
orthography filters, for instance, would help. All depending on the
historical time period in question, of course ...


Eckhard Bick

Stoia Laura wrote:

>Hi ! I am a PhD student and I want to study semantic

>change using historical portuguese. Can anybody help

>me find a free POS tagger or a parser for portuguese?

> Thank you very much,

> Laura


Eckhard Bick,
cand.med., dr.phil.
University of Southern Denmark
e-mail: eckhard.bick at mail.dk
web: http://beta.visl.sdu.dk

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