[Corpora-List] Spoken corpora - permission issues

Jean Veronis Jean.Veronis at up.univ-mrs.fr
Thu May 12 22:17:00 CEST 2005

Ramesh Krishnamurthy a écrit :

> But if people know beforehand that they are going to be recorded,

> might this not alter

> what they say and their way of saying it?


It is likely (although we don't really know for sure how and how much).

> Surely asking their permission afterwards - after they have listened

> to the recording, if they

> are worried - should not be rejected as a possible ethically-sound

> policy?

I don't know. I wouldn't take the risk because 1) I am 100% sure to lose
in court if they sued, 2) I wouldn't be very pleased myself if somebody
recorded my conversations without telling me.

It's a pity, but what can we do?


PS: Other countries might have different legal systems. France is very
tough on private life. For example tabloids who publish private
pictures of celebrities without their consent regularly lose in court
(of course some do it anyway because they make so much money that it is
worth breaking the law).

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