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*********** MT Summit X Newsletter No.3 (1st May 2005)***************

The 10th Machine Translation Summit [MT Summit X]

This issue includes reminder of the paper submission for the main
conference and call for submissions to the Users Workshop.

Main Conference: September 13-15, 2005
Tutorials & Workshops: September 12 and 16, 2005

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa

**Let us remind you that the deadline is 13th of May!!**

For details of the submission procedure, please visit our homepage at

Submmission due: 13th of May.
Notification to the authors: 24th of June.
Camera ready due: 22nd of July.
Conference: 12th-16th of September.

The tenth Machine Translation Summit, organized by the Asia-Pacific
Association for Machine Translation (AAMT), will be held at Phuket
Island, Thailand, in September 2005.

MT Summit X will bring together the scientists, developers and users
in the area of machine translation and other tools for multilingual
processing. The frontier research and demonstration from leading
academic institutes, business and government sectors will show the
latest results. In the main conference, MT Summit X will provide
various features including research papers, reports on users'
experiences, discussions of policy issues, invited talks and panel
discussions. Surrounding the main conference the expanded program will
cover the sessions of tutorial, workshop and exhibition. These wide
coverage-features in the machine translation arena will facilitate
participants from the sectors of academy, research, business and
government to get together to explore the machine translation
technology for conquering the problems in language barriers and
digital divide.

AAMT cordially invites you all to MT Summit X, to contribute and
witness the efforts in machine translation technology, in any aspect
of machine translation and tools for translation support-researchers,
developers, providers, users, and watchers.


MT Summit X seeks original papers in all aspects of machine
translation. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:
- MT for the Web
- Practical MT systems (MT for professionals, MT for multilingual
eCommerce, MT for localization, etc.)
- Translation aids (translation memory, terminology databases,
- Translation environments (workflow, support tools, conversion
tools for lexica etc.)
- Methodologies for MT
- Human factors in MT and user interfaces
- Speech and dialogue translation
- Natural language analysis and generation techniques geared
towards MT
- Dictionaries and lexicons for MT systems
- Text and speech corpora for MT and knowledge extraction from
- MT evaluation techniques and evaluation results
- Standards in text and lexicon encoding for MT
- Cross-lingual information retrieval
- MT and related technologies (information retrieval, text
categorization, text summarization, information extraction, etc.)

There will be three categories of papers:
(R) Research papers: Submissions are invited for reports of
significant research results in any aspect of machine translation
and related areas. Such reports should include a substantial
evaluative component.
(P) Poster presentations (with/without Demon- stration): Submissions
are invited for presentations that are best suited for poster
presentation which is a more interactive form. Submissions are
also invited for reports on the design, implementation, operation
and evaluation of operational and prototype systems.
(U) User studies: Submissions are invited for reports on users'
experiences with applying MT.


Call for submissions to the Users Workshop - MT Summit X
Phuket Thailand, Monday, September 12, 2005

The success of machine translation today depends very much on the
innovative people who are actually using it to solve real-world
problems. When MT users communicate their experiences to a broader
audience, their successes inspire others to use it and their hopes and
suggestions spark advances in R&D.

We need to hear your story about using MT: to show people how much
you've been able to do, to tell the developers what needs to be
improved, to help others avoid the problems you faced. We also need to
hear what you would like to use MT for and why you don't think it's
possible yet.

The MT Users Workshop at MT Summit X invites users to share their
experiences and opinions through presentations, a moderated
roundtable, and focused breakout sessions.

If you are not yet using MT, the Users' Workshop is a wonderful
opportunity to see if MT is right for your organization, and ask
questions to current users of MT. The workshop welcomes user's stories
about any application for machine translation, from any region of the
world. Presentations will be in English; however, please feel free to
ask the workshop organizers if you would like any assistance with
proof reading or rehearsing your presentation.

In addition to stories from users, the workshop will feature three
invited speakers who will provide introductory information for new
users, and technical information on how to use machine translation
successfully in different environments.

Invited Speakers:
- General introduction to MT
(Ed Hovy - USC/ISI)
- MT in commercial environments
(Jaap van der Meer - Cross Language - to be confirmed)
- MT for research/assimilation and communication
(Rod Holland - Mitre Corporation)

Workshop participants will exchange ideas and create messages for the
rest of the MT community in a roundtable session, and breakout
sessions. The messages for the whole MT community will be presented in
a Users' panel during the main conference that will be based on the
content of this workshop. Researchers and developers are invited to
attend the workshop and to participate fully in the breakout sessions
and roundtable. However, user presentations must be created and
presented by users themselves.

Because this is a forum for sharing practical experience, the format
of submissions is not restricted; however there are a few guidelines:
- Accepted submissions will be printed and distributed to all
workshop participants.
- Submissions must be printable on A4 paper, leaving a 1 inch margin
on all sides
- Submissions should be in a widely readable format, such as MS
Office, HTML or pdf.
- Submissions should include pictures to help the audience understand
the hardware and software components used together with MT, as well
as the human interactions and workflow.
- User studies submitted to the main conference may also be submitted
to the Users' Workshop.

Important Dates:
- Submission Deadline: June 3, 2005
- Notification to authors: June 24, 2005
- Final submission due: July 8, 2005
- Workshop organizers submit workshop book to publicity chair:
July 22, 2005
- Workshop: September 12, 2005

Submissions and inquiries should be sent to Laurie Gerber, workshop
chair at: <lgerber at languageweaver.com>

Background on the MT Summit Conference:
Phuket Thailand may sound like a long way to go to chat with
colleagues about machine translation, but we think you'll find that it
is a very worthwhile trip!
- The MT Summit brings together all members of the MT community:
users, developers, and researchers - from around the world.
- The goal of the Summit conferences is to enable the members of
the MT community to learn about advances in research and product
development, as well as to hear about the ways in which MT is being
used successfully in various environments. Participants share
stories of progress they have fostered, and can assess the status
of technology and deployment internationally.
- One of the most important functions of the MT Summit is the
opportunity it provides for researchers and developers to hear from
users of MT outside of a sales environment. The presentations by
users, as well as the suggestions and questions that come
spontaneously from users at these events provide insights and
inspiration that influence the direction of research and development.
- You'll meet other users of MT, and make friends you'll want to keep
in touch with for the rest of your career!
- The MT Summit is the biannual conference of the International
Association for Machine Translation and its three regional
divisions (Association for Machine Translation in the Americas -
AMTA, European Association for Machine Translation - EAMT, and
Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation - AAMT). The
location of the conference rotates between the three regions. The
last MT Summit was held in 2003 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The next
MT Summit will be held in 2007 in Europe.

If it is not feasible to submit a paper or presentation, we hope that
you will still participate in the workshop and conference, and share
ideas informally. We believe that your participation will benefit you
and your organization, as well as the whole MT community!


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