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Or, you could load a large Portuguese corpus into the Word Sketch Engine,
which then automatically produces a distributional thesaurus: see
http://sketchengine.co.uk <http://sketchengine.co.uk/> We have processed
corpora, and thesauruses, of this kind for English, Chinese, Czech and Irish
to date.

But, you may say, are distributional thesaurus as good as traditional ones?
Needless to say, it all depends what you want to do with them. We have some
evidence that, for PP-attachment, for Spanish, a distributional thesaurus
outperforms Spanish WordNet.



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We have a Portuguese version of our Word Selector title available for
licensing in XML form. See
<http://www.cambridge.org/elt/elt_projectpage.asp?id=2500260> and
<http://dictionary.cambridge.org/researchers.htm>. There would be an annual
licence fee, the exact amount depending on whether one researcher or an
institution, and in this case on some third parties also. The title is only
a "mini-thesaurus" with about 10,000 words grouped into semantic categories,
so may well not have comprehensive enough coverage for your needs. Contact
me directly if interested.

Andrew Harley
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English Language Teaching
Cambridge University Press

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owner-corpora at lists.uib.no wrote on 02/05/2005 23:36:01:

> I'm looking for a machine-readable thesaurus of Portuguese. I've

> already tried two links to Portuguese WordNet

> (http://www.clul.ul.pt/WordNet/index.jsp,

> http://www.instituto-camoes.pt/WordNet/index.jsp) but neither is

> operational. I've also tried the links at

> http://www.linguateca.pt/enciclopedias.html, but no luck.


> Thanks in advance.


> Mark Davies


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