[Corpora-List] Annotation of Anaphoric Expressions

Constantin Orasan C.Orasan at wlv.ac.uk
Wed May 4 14:37:00 CEST 2005

Dear Mai,

You can find several papers which could prove relevant at:

These papers have been produced by members of our research group over
the last few years.



> Dear Corpora members,


> I am looking for recent papers describing the latest work in

> developing systems for semi-automatic classification of anaphoric

> expressions and their referents and/or any corpus-based studies of

> such expressions. I am particularly interested in the work done by

> Poesio, M. and Vieira, R. (A corpus-based investigation of definite

> description use, Computational Linguistics,1998) and would appreciate

> information about their subsequent work, in addition to other studies

> dealing not only with (in)definite NPs, but also with pronouns and

> demonstratives.


> Thank you.


> Mai


Constantin Orasan
Research Group in Computational Linguistics
University of Wolverhampton

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