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Perhaps new thoughts after 25 years by one of the standbys for
intercoder reliability.

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Krippendorff, Klaus. "Measuring the Reliability of
Qualitative Text Analysis Data." _Quality & Quantity_
38, no. 6 (2004): 787-800.

Krippendorff presents a new technique for assessing
the reliability of "variably unitized and multiply
categorized or interpreted textual matter, video
recordings, group interactions, and the like..." (p.
796). That is, Krippendorff shows how qualitative
text analysis can employ rigorous reliability
assessments, even for material in which units of
analysis vary in length and for which coders are
invited to arrive at multiple interpretations. A
computational example is provided. Having
demonstrated the feasibility of assessing the
reliability of qualitative text analysis data,
Krippendorff writes: "Qualitative text analysts often
consider the lack of reliability measures in their
empirical domain as indicative of the fundamental
difference between qualitative and quantitative
research. This justification is no longer valid" (p.

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