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Subject: [L2F] Interspeech'2005 (Eurospeech) - Call for Papers
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 10:05:44 +0000
From: Interspeech 2005 <cfp at interspeech2005.org>

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Interspeech 2005 / Eurospeech
September 4--8, 2005
Lisbon, Portugal


Theme: Ubiquitous Speech Processing

Paper submission is now open

ISCA, toghether with the Interspeech 2005 - Eurospeech organizing
committee, would like to encourage submission of papers for the
upcoming conference.

Phonetics and Phonology
Discourse and Dialogue
Paralinguistic and Nonlinguistic Information
Speech Production
Speech Perception
Physiology and Pathology
Spoken Language Acquisition, Development and Learning
Signal Analysis, Processing and Feature Estimation
Single- and Multi-channel Speech Enhancement
Speech Coding and Transmission
Spoken Language Generation and Synthesis
Speech Recognition
Acoustic processing for ASR, language and pronunciation modeling,
adaptation and general robustness issues, engineering issues in ASR
(e.g. searches, large vocabulary), etc.
Spoken Language Understanding
Speaker Characterization and Recognition
Language/Dialect Identification
Multi-modal/Multi-media Processing
Spoken Language Resources and Annotation
Spoken/Multi-modal Dialogue Systems
Spoken Language Extraction/Retrieval
Spoken Language Translation
Spoken Language Technology for Education (e-learning)
New Applications
Evaluation and Standardization

The deadline for full paper submission (4 pages) is April 8,
2005. Paper submission is done exclusively via the conference website,
using the submission guidelines. No previously published papers should
be submitted. Each corresponding author will be notified by e-mail of
the acceptance of the paper by June 10, 2005. Minor updates will be
allowed during June 10 - June 17.

Interspeech’2005 received 27 proposals for special sessions. The
motivation and scope of each selected proposal can be found on the
conference website. Paper submission for special sessions follows
exactly the same procedure as for regular topics.

- Emotional Speech Analysis and Synthesis: Towards a Multimodal
Organizers: Ellen Douglas-Cowie and Roddy Cowie
- E-inclusion and Spoken Language Processing
Organizers: Paul Dalsgaard and Roger Moore
- The Blizzard Challenge 2005 : Evaluating Corpus-based Speech
on Common Databases
Organizers: Alan W. Black and Keiichi Tokuda
- Gender and Age Issues in Speech and Language Research
Organizers: Els den Os, Lori Lamel, and Martin Russell
- Access and Retrieval for Multilingual Multimedia Portals
Organizers: Helen Meng, Jianhua Tao, Els den Os, Giridharan Iyengar,
and Bhuvana Ramabhadran
- Early Language Acquisition: Infant Studies, Animal Models and
Organizer: Francisco Lacerda
- Rapid Development of Spoken Dialogue System: Data Driven,
Knowledge-based and Hybrid Methods
Organizers: Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio, Junlan Feng, Juan M. Huerta,
Roberto Pieraccini, Manny Rayner, and Ye-Yi Wang
- Human factors, User Experience and Natural Language Application
Organizers: Liz Alba, M. Gabriela Alvarez-Ryan, Fang Chen,
and Kristiina Jokinen
- Speech Recognition in Ubiquitous Networking and Context-Aware
Organizers: Zheng-Hua Tan, Paul Dalsgaard and Borge Lindberg
- Speech Inversion
Organizer: Victor Sorokin
- Bridging the Gap Between Human and Automatic Speech Processing
Organizers: Katrin Kirchoff and Louis ten Bosch

- ISCA Medalist
- Fernando Pereira, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Title: Linear Models for Structure Prediction
- Elizabeth Shriberg, SRI and ICSI, USA
Title: Spontaneous Speech:
How People Really Talk, and Why Engineers Should Care
- PANEL "Ubiquitous Speech Processing"
Roger K. Moore, Alex Acero, Jordan Cohen, Paul Dalsgaard, and
Sadaoki Furui

Tutorials for Interspeech'2005 will be held on September 4th,
organized by internationally recognized experts in their fields. The
idea behind the tutorials is to provide an overview of the topic as
well as to bring to light the recent developments in fields concerning
spoken language processing.

- Languages for Developing Multimodal Applications
James A. Larson
- VoIP
Gerald Karam and Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio
- Usability Theory and Practice in Speech Interaction System Design
Fang Chen, Ellen Haas, and Kristiina Jokinen
- Visions, Technology and Business of Conversational Machines
Mazin Gilbert and Roberto Pieraccini
- Forensic Speech Science
Anders Eriksson and Andrzej Drjgajlo
- Building Synthetic Voice
Alan Black

Full paper submission deadline: April 8, 2005
Notification of paper acceptance/rejection June 10, 2005
Early registration deadline: June 25, 2005

For further information: www.interspeech2005.org
or send email to info at interspeech2005.org

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Rua Alves Redol, 9 - 1000-029 Lisbon - Portugal
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