[Corpora-List] Re: problems with Google

Jean Veronis Jean.Veronis at up.univ-mrs.fr
Sat Mar 26 08:56:01 CET 2005

Marian Olteanu a écrit :

>It looks like Google resumed the support for the wildcard ("*").




It goes back and forth. I posted this yesterday, but it seems that it
did not go through. I'll try again :


For those still interested in "Google linguistics" : Google is still
unstable, and its various data centers are divided in three different
groups with very different results. Clearly the update is a difficult one !

If you want to see a snapshot, I made one this morning :


The good news is that in the DC group that seems to be updated (e.g., the "*" operator seems to work as it used to.

Try this search:*+cat%22&btnG=Search

But who knows what will be the stable state if there is one, after this
Saint-Vitus dance ?


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