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Thu Mar 24 18:46:00 CET 2005

The URL for the paperback version is http://www.oup.co.uk/isbn/0-19-927634-X


Andrew Hawke

Constantin Orasan wrote:

>Dear all,


>I would like to draw your attention to the recent publication of the

>paperback version of the The OXFORD HANDBOOK OF COMPUTATIONAL

>LINGUISTICS. Please find more information about the book below.









>R. Mitkov (Ed)


>Oxford University Press


>Table of contents


>Preface (R. Mitkov)

>Introduction (M. Kay)


>Part I. Fundamentals

>1. Phonology (S. Bird) 2. Morphology (H. Trost)

>3. Lexicography (P. Hanks)

>4. Syntax (R. Kaplan)

>5. Semantics (S. Lappin)

>6. Discourse (A. Ramsey)

>7. Pragmatics and Dialogue (G.Leech and M.Weisser)

>8. Formal grammars and languages (C. Martin-Vide)

>9. Complexity (B. Carpenter)


>Part II. Processes, methods and resources

>10. Text segmentation (A. Mikheev)

>11. POS tagging (A.Voutilainen)

>12. Parsing (J. Carroll)

>13. Word-sense disambiguation (M. Stevenson and Y.Wilks)

>14. Anaphora resolution (R. Mitkov)

>15. Natural Language Generation (J.Bateman and M. Zock)

>16. Speech recognition (L. Lamel and J.L. Gauvain)

>17. Text-to-speech synthesis (T. Dutoit and Y. Stylianou)

>18. Finite-state technology (L. Karttunen)

>19. Statistical methods (C. Samuelsson)

>20. Machine Learning (R. Mooney)

>21. Lexical knowledge acquisition (Y. Matsumoto)

>22. Evaluation (L. Hirschman and I. Mani)

>23. Sublanguages and Controlled Languages (R. Kittredge)

>24. Corpora (T. McEnery)

>25. Ontologies (P.Vossen)

>26. Tree adjoining grammars (A. Joshi)


>Part III. Applications


>27. Machine translation: general overview (J. Hutchins)

>28. Machine translation: latest developments (H. Somers)

>29. Information retrieval (E.Tzoukermann, J. Klavans and T.


>30. Information extraction (R. Grishman)

>31. Question answering (S. Harabagiu and D. Moldovan)

>32. Text summarisation (E. Hovy)

>33. Term extraction and automatic indexing (C. Jacquemin and D.


>34. Text data mining (M. Hearst)

>35. Natural language interaction (I. Androutsopoulos and M. Aretoulaki)

>36. Natural language in multimodal and multimedia systems (E. Andre)

>37. NLP in computer-aided language learning (J. Nerbonne)

>38. Multilingual on-line NLP (G. Grefenstette and F. Segond)




>Bios of authors




>Constantin Orasan


>Research Group in Computational Linguistics

>University of Wolverhampton


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