[Corpora-List] Specificty and Similarity of Words

Mark Sanderson m.sanderson at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed Mar 16 20:07:00 CET 2005

There's always Karen Sparck Jones's 1972 Journal of Documentation paper
introducing IDF weights that talks about using IDF to computer term

At 06:34 PM 16/03/2005, Ergin ALTINTAS wrote:

>Dear corpora members,


>I am currently working on a MS thesis about word sense disambiguation.


>I would be glad if you can inform me about any scientific study (if

>there exists any) on "the specifity of words". Since I couldnt find

>any satisfactory informartion on the net.


>I also wish to hear from you about: How should we evaluate the

>performance of a wordsense similarity measure (including how to

>compare to miller&charles)



>Best regards,

>Ergin Altintas

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