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Antoinette Renouf Antoinette.Renouf at uce.ac.uk
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Dear List Members

We sympathise with the comments yesterday about Google's shortcomings as
a web search tool for linguists, though to be fair it does not pretend
to be tailored for such use. The latest problem for the users of our
WebCorp search tool is Google's abandonment of the wildcard ('*')
character, which though never officially part of the Google repertoire,
functioned until this month in pattern search and was exploited by
WebCorp. We have now reinstated this function in our tool.

As a longer-term solution, however, we shall be launching a new version
of WebCorp later this year, which works directly with our own tailored
search engine.

Back in 1998, when WebCorp development began, we anticipated that Google
and other search engines would present obstacles, and so in 2000
established a fruitful relationship with a UK search engine company. We
have since built most of the planned linguistic and computational
components required for our own search engine, and we expect to meet
future WebCorp user needs on all fronts, from speed and coverage to
linguistic and statistical sophistication.

Further details will be made available via our website:

Antoinette Renouf

Andrew Kehoe

Jay Banerjee


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Dear list members,

You might be interested to know that until approximately March 8th,

Google counts appear to have been quite off (inflation rates of a

factor of 66%?), according to Jean Veronis.


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