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Linda Bawcom linda.bawcom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 14 20:10:00 CET 2005

Dear Colleagues and Members,

The following is a summary of replies I recieved regarding my request for a newspaper corpus that would have different newspapers articles treating the same subject.

Carlos Rodquiquez and Romain Yahoo both noted http://news.google.com and Romain added
http://www.newseum.org which would have front pages of newspapers.

Paul Clough very kindy offered his own corpus which he will glady make available to anyone upon request as long as it is for research purposes. His e-mail address is p.d.clough at sheffield.ac.uk

Maheedhar Kolla sent her collection of suggestions gleaned from others previously, which also included http://www-nlpir.nist.gov/projectsducda (I don't know if the hyphen is a mistake or not) and http://newsblaster.cs.columbi.edu/

Gregor Erbach suggested http://torvald.aksis.uib.no/corpora to recover messages from the list as did Przemek Kaszubski who suggested http://www.linguististlist.org

Geoffrey Williams reminded me of Lexis-Nexis. I know the university where I teach (University of Houston-Downtown) has this available through its library data-based catalog. (I don't know what the cost would be for a private subscription).

And finally, Corrin Lakeland spent her valuable time writing (to this somewhat computer challenged linguist) a long explanation of how never to lose my e-mails again by setting up another kind of account wherein as long as I check then about every six months, they will never be erased. This advice I am taking immediately!

I thank you all very much for taking the time to get back to me. I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

Best wishes,
Linda Bawcom

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