[Corpora-List] Reminder: Cfp: Computational Modeling of Lexical Acquisition (Split, Croatia)

Damir Ćavar dcavar at indiana.edu
Mon Mar 14 05:52:01 CET 2005

Call for Papers: Workshop on Computational Modeling of Lexical
Acquisition - The Split Meeting -


Time: 25.-28. July 2005
Location: University of Split, Croatia

Abstract submission deadline: March 15th 2005

The Croatian Language Technologies Society (CLTS) and the University of
Split are pleased to sponsor the inaugural meeting of the Workshop on
Computational Linguistics held in Split, Croatia, focusing on the topic
of "Computational Modeling of Lexical Acquisition". We will build on
the topics in formal-theoretical and computational linguistics, in
particular on issues in learnability, complexity and modeling of
lexical knowledge.

This workshop is especially intended to provide a forum for the
presentation of unique and original research on computational
linguistic topics in the domain of learning of lexical properties, i.e.
lexical acquisition, including but not limited to the following topics:

a. machine learning methods for lexical acquisition
- speech and language segmentation into lexical units
- induction and learning of phonological and morphological structure
- inducing formal grammars from discovered structural properties
- learning lexical semantic properties and lexical disambiguation
- computational models of psycholinguistic aspects of lexical

b. corpora, evaluation and applications
- induction of part-of-speech information for tagging and automatic
annotation (via e.g. clustering and classification, using Vector Space
Modeling or other strategies)
- corpora for learning phonological and morphological regularities and
a common gold standard
- applications using machine learning and automatic lexical acquisition
(e.g. tagger, ontologies, textmining)
- evaluation strategies and methods for learning approaches

This workshop will expand into a fixed annual event organized by the
Croatian Language Technologies Society (CLTS) to be hosted, in turn,
and shared among all interested and committed Croatian Universities.

Detailed instructions on abstract submission and registration can be
found on the following web page:


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