[Corpora-List] lemmatizer for spanish

Grigori Sidorov sidorov at cic.ipn.mx
Tue Mar 1 02:03:01 CET 2005

Spanish morhological analyzer / lemmatizer AGME (free for academic purposes,
see licence):

www.cic.ipn.mx/~sidorov/agme; www.gelbukh.com/agme.

We remind that a Russian morhological analyzer / lemmatizer RMORPH is also

www.cic.ipn.mx/~sidorov/rmorph; www.gelbukh.com/rmorph.

If you experience downloading problems, don't hesitate to contact us
(sidorov at cic.ipn.mx).

Grigori Sidorov, www.cic.ipn.mx/~sidorov
Alexander Gelbukh, www.gelbukh.com
Natural Language Laboratory of CIC-IPN, www.gelbukh.com/lab

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> Dear all,

> does anyone know a lemmatizer for spanish that is for free

> and is different from MACO.


> Thank you very much in advance.

> Z. Kozareva





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