[Corpora-List] interactive alignment interfaces

Joerg Tiedemann tiedeman at let.rug.nl
Thu Jul 28 18:01:00 CEST 2005

I have a prototype of an interactive sentence aligner and another one
for interactive word alignment using web-based interfaces. They are
part of Uplug (http://sourceforge.net/projects/uplug/) and you may try
them with small sample texts at

(interactive sentence aligner)
(interactive word aligner)

(Be nice to our server! - I might take the scripts away if it
starts to get too busy! - But I thought I might risk it to put them
on-line for a short while. I have a ulimit of 5 seconds for running
alignments. Don't get confused if it times out ...)

Current features of the sentence aligner:

- automatic alignment with Gale&Church's approach
(click on 'align')
- a simple cognate filter to add hard-boundaries
(press the 'cognates' button)
- adding hard-boundaries using structural (XML) tags
(there are no useful ones in the test corpus)
- manually adding/removing hard-boundaries
(click on corresponding sentences)
- saving/sending results in 3 different formats
(XCES with external pointers, simple TMX, plain text)

Current features of the word aligner:

- uses the Uplug clue aligner (with existing clue collections)
- alignment visualization (matrix style)
- select clue types and weights
- add/remove links (click on corresponding cells in the matrix)
- open/search the clue collections
- save alignment results (disabled in the demo)

More information can be found at

I'm looking forward to get your feedback!


Jörg Tiedemann

** Jörg Tiedemann tiedeman at let.rug.nl **
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