[Corpora-List] tools for QLF?

Mark A. Greenwood mark at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Sat Jul 16 16:27:00 CEST 2005

You might be interested in the BuChart parser which is shipped with the
GATE framework (http://gate.ac.uk). This produces both syntactic parse
trees and a simplified QLF representation. It also includes grammar
rules specifically designed to handle questions (although I can't
remember exactly how it deals with why questions).

For example parsing the question "Who wrote Hamlet?" gives the following

qvar(e1), qatr(e1,name), person(e1), lsubj(e2,e1), write(e2),
time(e2,past), aspect(e2,simple), voice(e2,active), lobj(e2,e3),

Here the qvar represents the entity sought by the question and you can
see that entity e1 is a person, so the question is looking for a person
as an answer.

Hope this is helpful,

Mark A. Greenwood

Suzan Verberne wrote:

> Hi all,


> I am a PhD student working on a question answering approach for

> why-questions.

> When looking for a semantic representation formalism, I ran into QLF

> (Alshawi, 1990). It would be great to have a tool for creating a QLF

> from a syntactic parse tree. Unfortunately, I cannot find any tools that

> can do this.


> Does anyone know of a tool for creating QLFs?

> Or does anyone know of any other semantic representation for which tools

> are available?


> Thank you for your response!


> Suzan Verberne


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