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Subject: Re: [Corpora-List] Communicator corpora parsed?
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I received two replies to my earlier question regarding the =20
availability of syntactic annotations of the DARPA Communicator =20
corpus and of other spoken dialogue corpora.
Both Sandra K=FCbler at T=FCbingen and Detmar Meurers at Ohio State =20
recommended the Verbmobil treebanks, which contain spoken dialogue in =20=

German, English and Japanese. They are available via


A newer version of the German treebank is in preparation.

As a side note: many (if not most) of the non-canned, spontaneous =20
speech in Communicator consists of very short utterances. In =20
contrast, the Maptask corpus (developed here at HCRC, Edinburgh; =20
spoken human-human dialogue) has a lot to offer in terms of syntax

Thanks for the replies.

> is anyone aware of syntactic annotations of the (e.g. DARPA) =20

> Communicator corpus, or similar large, task-oriented human/machine =20

> or human/human dialogue corpora?

> I'm looking for tree structures, and atomic categories such as VP =20

> or PP would do just fine. I could work with non-perfect (i.e. =20

> machine- parsed) annotations.

> Generally I'd be grateful for tips regarding larger spoken =20

> dialogue corpora (task-oriented dialogue) that have been =20

> syntactically annotated.

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