[Corpora-List] HLT-EMNLP 2006 W/S - Graph-based methods for NLP

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HLT/NAACL 2006 Workshop
Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing


New York City, June 9, 2006

Graph theory is a well studied discipline, and so is the field of
natural language processing. Traditionally, these two areas of study
have been perceived as distinct, with different algorithms, different
applications, and different potential end-users. However, as recent
research work has shown, the two disciplines are in fact intimately
connected, with a large variety of natural language processing
applications finding efficient solutions within graph-theoretical

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers
working on problems related to the use of graph-based algorithms for
natural language processing. The workshop is expected to bring
together people working on areas as diverse as lexical semantics, text
summarization, text mining, ontology construction, clustering and
learning, connected by the common underlying theme consisting of the
use of graph-theoretical methods for text processing tasks.

We invite submissions of papers addressing the following or related topics:

- Graph algorithms for text understanding
- Graph matching for text mining
- Graph algorithms for thesaurus construction
- Graph methods for identification of semantic relations
- Graph-based ranking algorithms for language processing
- Random walk methods
- Graph algorithms for information extraction
- Spectral learning or clustering applied to NLP
- Graph algorithms for word sense disambiguation
- Lexical chaining algorithms and applications

Submission format:

Full paper submissions will consist of 8 pages, formatted following
the NAACL 2006 guidelines. Short papers will be 4 pages long.
Submission instructions will be announced on the workshop website.

Important dates:

Regular paper submissions March 10
Short paper submissions March 17
Notification of acceptance April 7
Camera-ready papers April 26
Workshop June 8 or 9


Dragomir Radev - U. Michigan, radev at umich dot edu
Rada Mihalcea - U. North Texas, rada at cs dot unt dot edu

Program Committee

Lada Adamic, University of Michigan
Razvan Bunescu, University of Texas at Austin
Timothy Chklovski, USC / Information Sciences Institute
Diane Cook, University of Texas at Arlington
Inderjit Dhillon, University of Texas at Austin
Beate Dorow, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Gael Dias, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal
Kevin Gee, University of Texas at Arlington
Lise Getoor, University of Maryland
Gunes Erkan, University of Michigan
John Lafferty, Carnegie Mellon University
Lillian Lee, Cornell University
Andrew McCallum, University of Massachusetts
Bo Pang, Cornell University
Patrick Pantel, USC / Information Sciences Institute
Paul Tarau, University of North Texas
Simone Teufel, University of Cambridge
Lucy Vanderwende, Microsoft Research
Florian Wolf, FW Consulting
Dominic Widdows, Maya Design
Hongyuan Zha, Penn State
Xiaojin Zhu, University of Wisconsin

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