[Corpora-List] QM analogy and grammatical incompleteness

Rob Freeman lists at chaoticlanguage.com
Tue Dec 20 02:38:02 CET 2005

On Monday 19 December 2005 19:42, John F. Sowa wrote:

> Rob,


> The uncertainty principle is a quantum mechanical

> result. It has nothing to do with relativity.

Yes, I think Dominic was mistaken in suggesting differently. I am willing to
believe there might be some common ground in terms of the ability to know all
things at once, but I have yet to see convincing evidence of that.

> In any case, I believe that the analogy with QM is

> about as useful as most analogies: it might suggest

> some new ideas, but if you push it too hard, it tends

> to break down in the details.

Where does the QM analogy with grammar break down?

In particular do you think there is no limitation on knowledge analogous to
the Uncertainty Principle of QM, applying to the simultaneous
characterization of text in terms of grammatical qualities defined
distributionally? Can you explain why?


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