[Corpora-List] date tagger

Lisa Ferro lferro at mitre.org
Mon Dec 12 18:41:01 CET 2005

There are taggers for the TIMEX2 standard available at:


See also the "Related Links" section of that website, which has pointers
to related taggers, such as the TIMEX3 tagger available from Georgetown

Lisa Ferro
The MITRE Corporation

marcelo modolo wrote:

> Dear Arantza:

> Take a look at http://visl.sdu.dk/

> I believe it will help you a lot.

> Best,

> Marcelo Módolo.



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> Subject: [Corpora-List] date tagger

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>>We are trying to tag English dates. We would like to know if there is any

>>English date tagger.

>>Thank you in advance


>>Arantza Casillas






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