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Leif Grönqvist leifg at ling.gu.se
Thu Dec 23 23:27:00 CET 2004

Hi all,

I have a problem with my thesis work: the LSI-software I have tried
out is not perfectly stable.

- Infomap from Stanford is nice but does not scale up since they don't
use a compact format for sparse matrices. There are also some bugs

- The free software from Telcordia handles huge corpora but has a lot of

So, does anyone have an idea of a stable package? I want the document
handling parts too, not just the SVD.

Merry Christmas!

Leif Grönqvist, GSLT, leifg at ling.gu.se, www.ling.gu.se/~leifg, 031-821515(home)
School of Mathematics and Systems Engineering, Växjö University 0707164380(mob)
Department of Linguistics, Göteborg University, +46 31 773 1177, 773 4853(fax)

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