[Corpora-List] Semantic Prosody questions?

Irena Shuke irenashuke at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 18 11:32:01 CET 2004

Dear John,

Thank you for your reply - I'd better post a list of what I have read so
far, then.

Stubbs, Michael (1995), Collocations and Semantic Profiles: On the Cause of
the Trouble with Quantitative Studies, at

Rundell, Mike (2000), These Things Happen. In Humanising Language Teaching,
Year 2, Issue 4, July 2000, at http://www.hltmag.co.uk/jul00/idea.htm

"Domestic discord, rocky relationships: semantic prosodies in
representations of marital violence in the O.J. Simpson trial" by Janet
Cotterill, CARDIFF UNIVERSITY, 2001, at

"What is an advanced vocabulary?" Meeting; Presenter: Mike McCarthy (Western
Infirmary Lecture Theatre, Glasgow - 19 October 2002) at

KENNY, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland, Meta, XLIII, 4, 1998

Nelson, Mike (2000), A Corpus-Based Study of Business English and Business
English Teaching Materials, Unpublished PhD Thesis - Chapter 4.4, at

"Beyond collocation: meaning groups and semantic prosody in Business English
- Computers and Semantic Prosody" by Mike Nelson at

"If only they'd asked a linguist…" by Mike Rundell, Humanising Language
Teaching, Year 4; Issue 4; July 02, at

I have also read the discussion on this list at
http://helmer.aksis.uib.no/corpora/2003-2/0097.html, which is how I found
out about this group.

Again, thank you everyone for responding, I appreciate it very much. I am
right now in the process of trying to order the books recommended here, and
reading what is available online. Thanks so much.

irenashuke at hotmail.com

>From: John Colby <colby at soe.ucsc.edu> To: "Irena Shuke"

><irenashuke at hotmail.com> CC: CORPORA at UIB.NO Subject: Re: [Corpora-List]

>Semantic Prosody questions? Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 19:27:18 -0800




>Could you post a message to the board clarifying the nature of the

>literature you were seeking, ("semantic prosody" vs "semantics" and

>"prosody") and what literature you found in your search.


>Thanks, John


>On Dec 16, 2004, at 4:18 PM, Irena Shuke wrote:


>>Dear All,


>>I just wanted to thank everyone for replying, it has been very very

>>helpful indeed. I had made use of some of the sources mentioned here,

>>heard of some others and still trying to get a hold of some of the books.

>>I am going to order more now from the library. If anyone has any more

>>suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated.


>>Thank you so much.





>> >From: "Xiao, Zhonghua" <z.xiao at lancaster.ac.uk> >To: "Irena Shuke"

>><irenashuke at hotmail.com> >CC: <CORPORA at UIB.NO> >Subject: RE:

>>[Corpora-List] Semantic Prosody questions? >Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004

>>03:11:31 -0000 > >Irena, > >Thought you might find the following

>>references helpful: > >Richard > > >Dr Richard Xiao >Department of

>>Linguistics >Lancaster University >Bailrigg, Lancaster >LA1 4YT

>> >United Kingdom > >Home:

>>http://www.ling.lancs.ac.uk/staff/xiao/index.htm >Corplang:

>>http://www.ling.lancs.ac.uk/corplang > >======== > >Corpora List

>>Archive 17/10/03: http://helmer.aksis.uib.no/corpora/2003-2/0097.html >

>> > > >Hunston, S. 2002. Corpora in Applied Linguistics. Cambridge:

>>Cambridge University Press. > > > >Louw, B. 1993. 'Irony in the text

>>or insincerity in the writer? The diagnostic po­tential of semantic

>>prosodies' in Baker M., Francis G. and Tognini-Bonelli E. (eds.) Text and

>>Technology: In Honour of John Sinclair, pp. 157-76. Amsterdam: John

>>Benjamins. > > > >Louw, B. 2000. 'Contextual prosodic theory: bringing

>>semantic prosodies to life' in Heffer C., Sauntson H. and Fox G. (eds.)

>>Words in Context: A tribute to John Sinclair on his Retirement [English

>>Language Research Discourse Analysis Monograph No. 18 (CD-ROM)].

>>Birmingham: University of Birmingham. > > > >Partington, A. 1998.

>>Patterns and Meanings. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. > > > >Partington,

>>A. 2004. '"Utterly content in each other's company": Semantic prosody and

>>semantic preference'. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 9/1:

>>131-156. > > > >Sardinha, T. 2000. 'Semantic prosodies in English and

>>Portuguese: A contrastive study'. Cuadernos de Filología Inglesa 9/1:

>>93-110. Accessed on January 19, 2004 at

>>http://lael.pucsp.br/~tony/2000murcia_prosodies.pdf. > > > >Stubbs, M.

>>2001. 'On inference theories and code theories: Corpus evidence for

>>semantic schemas'. Text 21/3: 437-465. > > > >Stubbs, M. 2001. Words

>>and Phrases. Oxford: Blackwell. > > > >Tim Johns:

>>http://www.eisu.bham.ac.uk/Webmaterials/kibbitzers/kibbitzer24.htm. > >

>> > >============ > >________________________________ > >From:

>>owner-corpora at lists.uib.no on behalf of Irena Shuke >Sent: Wed 15/12/2004

>>22:58 >To: CORPORA at UIB.NO >Subject: [Corpora-List] Semantic Prosody

>>questions? > > > >Dear All, > >I recently joined this list because I

>>had come across a topic discussed in >it via Google.com, namely one about

>>semantic prosody. I was just wondering >if it would be alright to ask any

>>questions about it here on this list, or >would someone please recommend

>>another list which would be more appropriate. >I am trying to write my MA

>>paper on Semantic Prosody at the University of >Latvia. > >Thank you,

>> >Irena Shuke >Riga, Latvia >irenashuke at hotmail.com >

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