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Niladri Sekhar Dash niladri at isical.ac.in
Fri Dec 10 09:55:06 CET 2004

Dear All,

I think there is nothing wrong with the publicity of their books by
T. McEnery and D. Santos. In fact, I agree with J. Verenis that it gives
us good opportunity to know what are the books are coming out in the area
of corpus linguistics.

In a country like India, where we have almost no scope to access
these books personally, it is a great benefit for us to know how works of
corpus linguistics are gradually expanding in various directions.
Therefore, it it does not exceed the realm of 'publicity' then it can be
encouraged. Obviously, the policy of the forum should have a clear stand
regarding this.

I would also request the authors that while they refer to their books in
the forum, they should please include a short abstract of the volume as
well as a brief content (e.g. title of the chapters). This will enable us
to verify if the book will be useful for the particular tasks we are
engaged in. Thank you all.

With regards,



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