[Corpora-List] distribution of types of lexical collocations

Mark Davies Mark_Davies at byu.edu
Wed Dec 8 18:19:01 CET 2004

> I am doing research on adjective-noun collocations and I

> wonder if there are any reliable corpus data and numbers as

> to the distribution of this type of (English and/or German)

> collocations in contrast to (noun-noun /) adjective-adverb /

> verb-adverb / noun-verb collocations.

You might try my site [view.byu.edu], which is based on the 100m word
BNC. You can do simple searches like:

[aj0] [nn*]
[nn1] [nn*]

You can also compare across registers, for example [aj0] [nn*] that are
more common in fiction than academic, medical vs other non-fiction, etc.

Note that because of the number of matching strings, the queries might
take a while -- as much as four our five seconds for a given query.

Any questions, please feel free to email me.

Mark Davies

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