[Corpora-List] Another New book -> Netiquette

hajmohammadi hajmohammadi at iribnews.ir
Thu Dec 2 05:50:00 CET 2004

Hi all,
About the advertising bit and netiquette, I think that first and
foremost, "the corpora-list moderators should state their opinion/policy
on these matters?" as Diana noted too. But in my opinion, such data bit
are allowed as long as:

1- They are relevant to corpora matters,
2- Repetitions do not occur,
3- Purchasing details are referred to other pages other than corpora
page, and of course,
4- No bragging or denigration of other works is practiced.

If observed, the nature of such data would shift from 'advertising' to
kind of 'publicizing' which is admitted, regarding netiquette and users'
desires, as if the author states his/her opinion over some corpora matter
in a "comprehensive" manner and referred those interested "in advance" to
a source of knowledge.

Ali Hajmohammadi,
MA student in Translation Studies,
Allameh Tabatabai University

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