[Corpora-List] CORPORA la reference dans les dialogues

Eric Atwell eric at comp.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Dec 1 12:25:00 CET 2004

Dear Hanane,

There are several dialogue corpora available via internet, eg see

Abu Shawar B and Atwell E. (2003). "Machine Learning from dialogue corpora
to generate chatbots", in Expert Update journal, Vol 6, No 3, pp 25-29

- references at end of this paper include dialogue corpora:

Athel 2002 Corpus of Spoken Professional American-English: description,

CISD 2002 TRAINS Dialogue Corpus,

Kerr, B. (1983). Minnesota Corpus. University of Minnesota Graduate
School, Minneapolis, USA. http://www.tc.umn.edu/~bjkerr/CSC_DDL_Bib.htm

Mann W 2002 Dialog Diversity Corpus

MICASE 2002 MICASE online homepage, http://www.hti.umich.edu/m/micase/

Mishler E 1985 The discourse of medicine: dialectics of medical
interviews, New Jersey, Ablex

Nelson G 2002 International Corpus of English: the Singapore Corpus user
manual, http://wwwrcf.usc.edu/~billmann/diversity/ICE-SIN_Manual.PDF

Ringenberg M 2002 CIRCLE┐s tutorial archive

Van Rooy, B. 2002. Transkripsiehandleiding van die Korpus Gesproke Afrikaans.
[Transcription Manual of the Corpus Spoken Afrikaans]
Potchefstroom: Potchefstroom University.

I hope this helps!

Eric Atwell

On Fri, 26 Nov 2004, hanane mahjoubi wrote:

> dear corpora members,


> i'm in need of a corpora of english dialogues, the aim is the resolution

> of reference in them.

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